iLash Iridescent Glue

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The iLash Iridescent Glue is the newest and long awaited product to add to our professional collection. It has taken over 12 months of samples and trials from numerous manufacturers until finally finding a glue that is truly loved. This glue works amazing alongside our iLash Cleanser & Primer. It attaches to the natural lashes like a magnet instantly.

* Designed for sensitive eyes

* latex free & clear in colour

* 1 second drying time

* Extra strong attachment

* Low fumes

* Can be used for all Classic & Russian lashes

Storage & usage conditions: This glue works best in a room temperature of 20-24 degrees and 45-55% humidity. High temperature and humidity levels may cause shock polymerisation meaning the adhesive has shock cured this again can cause retention issues please regulate temp and humidity accordingly. Store adhesive vertically in a air tight container, and store in a cool dry dark place. Wipe the nozzle with adhesive nozzle wipes after every use, and squeeze out any residue glue within the nozzle. Shake well before use.

Shelf life: 3 months after opening and 6 months unopened.

Disclaimer: This glue is for advanced professional lash technicians and has a one second drying time. Using this glue incorrectly can result in poor retention, always make sure you isolate the natural lash before placing the extension in the glue so that it doesn’t cure too fast.

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iLash Iridescent Glue
£23.33 inc. VAT