Infill & Removal Online Training

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This online tutorial is going to show you how to remove lash extensions safely and how to safely infill lashes. Infills and removals are not always taught in certain training courses, however, I feel they are important factors when lashing. This will tutorial is going to be 30 minuets long so that you get in-depth training. I will be going through:

  • lash prep
  • taping down bottom lashes 
  • how to remove the extensions using a gel remover 
  • how to get rid of the gel before your client opens their eyes 
  • importance of a professional removing the extensions 
  • what products to use 
  • how to hold your tweezers 
  • correct glue usage 
  • how to wrap the extension around the natural lash
  • how to check for any stickies 
  • how to remove grown out lashes using two different methods 
  • how often should infills be done 
  • what is considered an infill and a full set 
  • correct isolation 
  • full product breakdown 

With this tutorial, you will be able to download my training manual which tells you everything you need to know about lashes as well as business advice to help you on your journey. You will also receive a 10% student discount code which you can use to get money off all of my products online. You can find the discount code on the last page of the training manual. I hope this tutorial gives you a deeper understanding of how to do an infill and removal, if you have any other questions about anything in the video please feel free to contact me. 

Email – 

IG – @ilashedbyimogen 

*Please note this tutorial does not mean you will be qualified or insurable, the tutorial is for you to gain a deeper understanding before or after you have already completed an accredited training course*

Remember this is just a taster! If you would like more in-depth hands-on training and to be qualified, accredited & insurable then book yourself on to a full training day with iLashedbyImogen, you can find all the information on the different courses I offer via my website. Please note all online tutorials are non refundable.


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Infill & Removal Online Training
£5.00 inc. VAT