Super Bonder

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Our super bonder is every lash techs must haves!

This product is key for giving your clients the best retention.

Why should you use a super bonder?

  • allows your clients to get their lashes wet after 3 seconds of using the product
  • reduces glue fumes no more stinging eyes!
  • Accelerates curing
  • Maximises retention

This product works amazingly with all our adhesives

How to use:

  • once the set is complete allow the lashes to dry for 1 minuet
  • Use a micro brush apply a small amount so the brush is wet (don’t use too much)
  • Apply onto adhesive bonding points
  • Let the lashes dry for a few minuets

Shelf life 24 months unopened 6 months opened


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Super Bonder
£20.22 inc. VAT