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Classic Beginners Course Reviews

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Classic Beginners Course


Teacher: Imogen Southwood @ilashedbyimogen (Instagram)

Course length: 1 day practical & theory

Time: 9.30am – 4pm (approx)

Class size: Small group of 2-4 students

Location: Held at our Award winning Salon – The iLashed Academy. Click here for Directions.

Course price: £400 including manual, Accredited certificate and full iLashedPRO kit

Minimum age: for insurance purposes the minimum age is 16 years old. No previous experience is required

Pay a deposit of £200.00
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Classic Beginners Course Reviews

Course information

Course length: 1 day practical & theory covering Classic lashes

Time: 9.30am – 4pm (approx)

Class size: small group of 2-4 students

Location: courses are held at our Award winning Salon – The iLashed Academy, 465-467 Blackpool Road, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 2LE. Luxury training deserves to be held in a luxurious setting; making it one of the most ‘Instagrammable’ salons in the UK @theilashedacademy (Instagram). Please  refer to our ‘contact us’ page for travel/location details

Course price: £400 including manual, Accredited certificate and full iLashedPRO kit. As with all our courses there is continuous after support!

Minimum age: for insurance purposes the minimum age is 16 years old. No previous experience is required.

Payment: you may choose to pay a £200 non refundable deposit, with the remaining balance paid on the day or alternatively you can pay the full amount upon booking. Important note: before booking please check your date carefully as dates can not be swapped/transferred or refunded once you have paid for your course.

Refreshments: a light lunch and refreshments will be provided on the day, please let us know upon booking if you have any dietary requirements by emailing or message IG @ilashedbyimogen.

Once you have booked onto the course approximately one to two weeks before we will send you a text with all the information for the training day, you will also be emailed the theory manual to read prior to the course; the theory is a 46+ page manual packed full of in-depth information which will allow you to have a good basic knowledge of lash extensions prior to the training day.

Whats in the iLashedPro Kit?

  • 1x lash cleanser
  • 1x glue
  • 1x primer
  • 2x lash trays
  • 1x pack of glue rings
  • 1x bottom lash tray
  • 1x micro tape
  • 1x pack of micro brushes
  • 1x packet of gel eye pads
  • 1x curved tweezer
  • 1x straight tweezer
  • 1x pack of mascara wands
  • 1x set of practice strip lashes

This kit is worth over £100 and will allow you to do 10+ sets. Not all our products are included in the kits so there will be a whole range of iLashedPRO lash products to purchase on the day at a discounted price of 10% off.

Course outline

Brief course outline: The course is a one day intensive practical and theory training day for beginners with no previous experience who want to become an eyelash technician. You will learn how to create the best fluffy Classic lashes using our own incredible iLashedPRO products, as well as advice and tips on how to run your own successful business.  Once you have completed the course you will then receive your certificate at the end of the day; making you qualified and insurable.

On the day: At the start of the day we will go through any questions you may have on the theory manual that you received before the course. You will be taught everything you need to know about lashes before going on to the practical based work. The second half of the morning you will practice on mannequins before breaking for lunch; after which you will then go on to a full set on your real life *model!

*  Please note you need to arrange your own model to come on the day, they will be needed from 12.30pm to 3:30pm. In order for you to get the best results out of your training day please choose an appropriate model; they must have no lash extensions on, no eye makeup and must have good eye shape with good natural lashes. We recommend your model is someone with youthful skin as this will make it a lot easier for you on the day. If you are unable to find a model we will find one for you, please email us a week in advance; at or message IG @ilashedbyimogen.

Course Outline: (this differs slightly depending on the course)

  • Training manual
  • How to prepare clients’ lashes before treatment
  • Correct pad application and why it is so important
  • Lash mapping
  • Classic application
  • Choosing length and style
  • How to create full and fluffy lashes
  • Correct lash application, distance and direction
  • Working with straight and curly lashes
  • How to price your sets
  • How to do infills
  • How to safely remove lashes
  • Health & safety
  • Perfect isolation
  • How to hold your tweezers
  • How your tweezers work
  • Full product knowledge
  • How to maintain a professional image
  • Different volume pick-up techniques
  • Correct fan placement
  • Correct glue dipping
  • Aftercare


Have you been considering a career change or do you just want to expand your skills? Do you want to offer the most in-demand luxury individual eyelash services in the lash industry? Are you ready to take your lash Career to the most advanced level? Eyelash artists work their own hours making Women feel beautiful every single day and it’s a hugely profitable industry and one of the fastest-growing industries in the UK. It can give you the flexibility to work your own hours from home or grow your business as big as you want. Some people run highly profitable home salons, franchise businesses, wholesale businesses, award-winning salons, become leading industry trainers or just casually work around their family and simply enjoy the extra money.

Imogen is known for her patience and her incredible skills as a Master Lash Artist and Trainer/Educator and has her own lash brand iLashedPRO. She has an outstanding professional reputation within the beauty and training sector and her appointments are in high demand, including some celebrity clients so whether it’s lash extension or lash lift training you’re looking at then look no further!

It is vital you do your research in to who you are going to train with, after all this is an investment in your future. Our philosophy is ‘cheap isn’t good and good isn’t cheap’. Have a look at their work, read their reviews, how experienced are they? Are they even qualified to teach? Imogen is highly qualified, with a TQUK Level 3 qualification in Education and Training, she has trained 1000’s of students both nationally and internationally and watched the vast majority go on to run their own successful businesses so you really could not be in better hands!

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Pay a deposit of £200.00
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What happens after my training course?

After your training: you will get ongoing support, given a 10% discount code for any future product purchases plus *£50 off any other courses you attend with us. *Course discount is not included in our 25% off training day sales. It is very important that you practice, practice and practice after the training course. To become a successful eyelash technician it takes many months to practice your skills, be patient with yourself and do not give up! 2-3 months after taking the Classic beginners course you can then attend your Russian advanced course; hopefully, by then you will have had enough practice and built up your confidence to move on to more advanced techniques taking you to the next level or you can book on to the Fast Track course which covers both Classic beginners and Russian advanced combined over one weekend.

Do you have any questions? email: or message IG @ilashedbyimogen. Alternatively, you can call 07935171774.

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